Welcome to Vandalia, MO

Located on Hwy 54 between Mexico and Bowling Green, Vandalia is the ideal location for your new business. We have Industrial Buildings, Sites and Commercial Property available. There are a variety of state and local incentives available to assist with your new project or business expansion, including a local Enhanced Enterprise Zone. We invite you to browse our website or contact us for more information on any of the properties listed or to find out more about incentives. On54.com

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In case of Emergency Dial 911
​Non Emergency Dial 573-594-3344
​Central Dispatch Non Emergency Phone 573-473-5800

Utility Bills are LOST in the mail. Starting this month, bills are due on the 15th of the month. Disconnection is on the 28th. If you would like your total, please call city hall at 594-6186 and we would be happy to assist you. 


VISU-SEWER will be cctving and cleaning all sewer lines in Vandalia.  vs-truck

Visu-Sewer provides all of the services necessary to keep underground infrastructure operating at optimum flow and performance. Headquartered in the Midwest and serving customers across the nation, Visu-Sewer uses only the latest inspection technology for the assessment of sewer pipes. With highly trained crews and extensive experience, Visu-Sewer also provides diverse trenchless processes and solutions to maintain, rehabilitate and repair entire collection systems to deliver maximum performance.

*******Effective November 1st, 2022*******
Dayne's Waste Disposal is requesting the following change in the service they provide due to worker's compensation's strong recommendations. Any trash can that is 45 gallons in size or larger, they will no longer be dumping. However, if a customers choose to use these types of trash cans, that is fine as long as everything is bagged in 13-gallon bags or larger and weigh less that 50lbs. All of the other services will remain the same. The last pickup in October, they will do one final dump on all trash cans that are larger than 44 gallons and tag them with the below tag.





MPUA High Energy Price Alert

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